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German Alphabets and their Pronunciation A to Z

 German Alphabets and their Pronunciation 

A to Z 

Sometimes, for Non German People ,this Language seems to be very tough, rigid and harsh. That may be possible due to the growling Pronunciation and sounds of some of the German Alphabets. But, this is not true up to some extent. The truth is German is phonetic Language by Nature, the way its being spoken ,the way its being written and vice versa.


German Language is not only the official language of Germany but also of Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg and more than 40 Countries speak and use German Language either as their Mother Tongue or secondary Language and it is being spoken by more than 130 million People worldwide and most spoken language in Europe itself.

Uncommon Features of German Language
  • German Language has 30 Alphabets altogether , 26 Alphabets are exactly same as we have in English Language and 4 extra Alphabets have been given to us by the Natives.
  • The four extra Alphabets are  ä, ö, ü, ß.
  • The two Dots over these Alphabets are called "UMLAUT".
  • These Umlauts can be replaced by Alphabet E as replacement, this is extra Option for somebody to use (Example , für (for) can be written as fuer (for) ,both options are acceptable and usable.
  • The Alphabet ß can also be replaced by ss as replacement (Example , Spaß(fun) can be written as Spass , both options are acceptable and usable. 
  •  Some of the Alphabets have same pronunciation as we have in English.
  •  The Combination of IE in any German word sounds like E of English.
  •  The Combination of EI in any German word sounds like I of English.

The German Alphabets( Die deutschen Buchstaben)

Alphabet                  Pronunciation
Der Buchstabe         Die Aussprache

a                               aah

b                              bay

c                              say

d                              day

e                              A of english

f                              f , same as english

g                             gay 

h                             haa

i                              E of english 

j                              yott

k                             kaah

l                              l , same as english

m                            m , same as english

n                             n, same as english

o                             o, same as english

p                             pay

q                             koo

r                             err

s                             s ,same as english

t                             tay

u                            ooh

v                            fao

w                           way

x                            iks

y                            ipsilon

z                            sett

ä                            aey

ö                            ayo

ü                            iyu

ß                            s-sett

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